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March 1 & 2nd, 2006

Journaling by Shylene and various particpants.

Cementing Quadra's Community ... A MtC Project

Annex Day One:

Brainstorming, Design & Team Building Workshops

Today we began introducing the project to the whole school body. We had 5 classes come through the annex and learn about the process of mosaicking and the ideas behind Cementing Quadra's Community project.. We started by explaining to the students that they are part of our Creative Team.

~ ~ ~

Ryley Div. 4
Quadra is :

peace -learning- having fun - art

Peace is doves flying in the air.
Learning is getting to a goal.
Having fun is playing all together.
Art is drawing pretty things and expanding
ideas to your own liking and hanging
them in the hall way.

~ ~ ~

We spent a lot of time talking to the ideas of community and neighbourhoods. And how there must be a new definition of neighbourhood to include all the people who use, visit, work, school or shop in a neighbourhood, as they are now in our neighbourhoods for extended periods of time, which makes them our neighbours. Good example of this was the mailman who comes to your neighbourhood every day, or the students, teachers, doctors, police, and shopkeepers who come most days to your neighbourhood. They, we believe at Mosaic the City, are also your neighbours.

Then we brainstormed on the symbols of Quadra and learned many of the words associated with community mosaic art. We also took time to look at all the tools and materials needed to do a mosaic project.

We spent time taking about how everyone is to be included in this mosaic project, as everyone person is essential to the finished picture, just as every person is essential to our neighbourhood and communities.

~ ~ ~

Waisley Div. 4
Quadra School
1. Quadra is a peaceful school.
2. People follow W.I.T.S. here.
3. The teachers are very helpful.
4. Quadra helps keep the environment clean.
5. People here are very respectful.
6. My favourite thing is our recess. It is a
little longer than other schools.

~ ~ ~

To help the students understand the general principles of mosaicking we had all classes work on paper mosaics. A few of the classes had already begun their paper mosaic projects while others were just starting theirs today. Other students started drawing some of the symbols and design ideas for the project.

~ ~ ~

Meagan C. Div. 1
I chose a maple leaf as my symbol because the maple leaf represents Canada. It represents Quadra because Quadra is in Canada and we always sing 'Oh Canada' in the assembly. It should be in the mosaic because it is a symbol of Canada.

~ ~ ~

We also discussed the ideas of documentation, how the photography, the videoing, the story telling and journaling are all part of this project's documentation. We explained how the student's second job was to be on the Documentation Team. We asked them to think and write about their ideas of community, neighbourhoods and the whole idea of being the newest part of Quadra Elementary's History.

~ ~ ~

Tyler Div. 1
The Canadian flag is a big part of our country and our community. We also should be thankful that we have the most free country in the world.

~ ~ ~

Leah Massine Div. 1
The picture is of our school (Quadra). I think it represents Quadra because it's our school and since I'm in Gr. 5, it's my last year here. So, I want to remember Quadra. Even though it'll be on the school. It could change for the future.

~ ~ ~

We encouraged the students to take home their story, design and symbol ideas, to talk with their family, friends and neighbours about what all these ideas meant to them. We also asked the students to invite their circle to be part of the project during, our soon to be announced, community day workshops. Emphasizing the importance of all of us being part of the spirit of Community Unity.

~ ~ ~

Richard Div. 1
Oak Tree
I chose this symbol because in Quadra there's toms of oak trees and I like syrup. I like it on pancakes and for my hamster's lunch. Also the leaf that falls from the oak tree represents the country that Quadra is made in. The flag reminds us what the war is fought for and Canada's freedom.
~ ~ ~

When we started the day in the annex, it was clear that our Project Team had been hard at work to get the room ready for this week's workshops. Karen Web spent much time preparing and now there is now many picture of the history of Quadra all around the annex room. Once of the things Ms. Web brought to the annex was books on Canadian and Victorian history. One of the books was on the First Nations people. I took a moment to flip through the book when I was taken by an image of the Father Raven. I decided to draw the image and write down the ideas behind it. Over lunch I was eating in the staff room when one teacher was explaining her project using the image of the bear. She had made masks with a regular bear on one side and a First Nations bear on the other. She mentioned in her class she has a first nation student come and teach the class about the raven dance. And that these bear masks where going to be used to create a bear dance with the students.

When I told her about the Raven story I had found just today - the Raven Dance seemed very synchronistic. Then Ms. Coral mentioned the story of the Raven of Light and another teacher said she tells this story to her kindergarten class every year. So I believe that this story if very important and should become part of the document of this project:

Story of "Raven the giver of Light"
Insert here :)

Annex Design with Students Day Two

We had the younger classes, eight classes in total, come through the annex and we tailored the lesson to suit their age groups. Still talking all about the ideas of community, neighbours, history, art and mosaic.

This morning was fantastic as we had a good number of parents come. We also had some siblings, a grand parent and an uncle come to the annex to learn about our project. It is wonderful to see families starting to take part in the project from the start.

Today I started working on the design of the panels, as I have found some inspiration from all these classes, brainstorming, symbols and design talks.

Thanks to all the school for taking the time to learn all about MtC and Community Unity. To start the process of including every student in the story telling and designing of this amazing project.

~ ~ ~

Josh R. Div. 1
A Mosaic the City Project
I chose a "duty" as my symbol because:
They keep us safe when danger is near.
They help when we are in trouble or having problems.
They watch us play safely and respectfully.
They make sure we are keeping the rules when playing

Note: a "duty" is our outside supervisors.

~ ~ ~

Kristen Div. 1
I chose a sunshine because Quadra is a happy place to be. I also chose it because it has bright colours that represent happiness. It's yellow with orange and yellow spikes. It also has a smiling face on, it is happy.
~ ~ ~

I look forward to seeing all the work that comes from the students over the next few days.

Then after Spring break we will take all these suggestions and finalize the design for the mosaics.

Great, great great.

Please Remember to Bring your ideas, energy and time to the project & Together we will Cement Quadra's Community

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