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April 8th - Community Building Day

Journaling by Shylene and various particpants.

Cementing Quadra's Community ... A MtC Project

A few of the Team where at the Annex bright and early to get all ready for our first Community Building Day. We started by setting up the room with snacks and coffee from Starbuck - thanks Starbucks

Then we tidied up the mosaic and prepared ourselves for a busy bee day. Asia was in charge of greeting people, having them signup and journal. (need photo of Asia)

Dr. Fawcett and Ms. Nicole were there representing the CQCAMP Team and Ting was there as the Documenter, Parent Lead and Duty Rep.


Our first guest was a small family. Our student showed them the way and they were into smashing right away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We enjoyed a visit from Past Student, past parent and current grandmother of Quadra, who spoke to us about her years at Quadra - back in 1939 - which just so happened to be the year of the annul we have in the Annex. Mrs. Bennett showed us her picture in the annex and spoke to us about how excited and proud they were when they created this annual. This is the very annual we picked an image from back in the design stage of the project. Shylene has a tea date with Mrs. Bennett to interview her for the journal of this project.

What a wonderful project! Thank you all Marianne Bennett
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Many people, families and friends of Quadra came through and helped us build the mosaic. Many of them jounalled about their experiences:

~ ~

I came with my grandma (aka Mrs. Dunn) to help with the mosaic. I liked putting the little tiles into the picture. I liked breaking up the tiles with a hammer - Taylor Dunn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Olive Lehman - age 6 and mom Christina Rumsey - WE enjoyed doing a whole section together - it was like a jigsaw puzzle - finding just the right piece! Olive liked smashing tiles too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hi I am Katrina, I came with my mom and I doing all the smashing. My mom is doing all the gluing - it is so fun J

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My mom is Shona I cam with my mom its is very fun and I will try to come back next
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I cam with my 2 daughters ages 8 & 17. We had fun - its additcitive. Jocelyn Geidt

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Everyone chipped in to help with what ever needed to be done, nipping, smashing, cement board cutting, everyone learning about HOW to do mosaics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to the work of Ting, we have also started a project raffle. Everyone who comes out and helps on the project can have their name entered to win daily draws and the huge draw at the end of the project. Ting has been busy visiting local business to ask for support and help with our project. Great Outreach efforts are happening all around the project.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later in the day Shylene's puppy Milton came by for a visit and a group of girls took him for a run around. FUN

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Through the creativity of our resident Artist Shylene and the community our ideas were blended like a ray of sunlight. A thing of beauty is being created forever. Creating a mirage of colors to represent the past and present of Quadra school. An exciting projects to be proud of when it is displayed for all to admire. And each and every student can say, "Hey I was part of that".

Being involved in this project has many emotions. The child in me has been released to explore. I have always loved art as a child and as an adult. But have never come across this type of media. The smashing of the tiles is a terrific stress reliever for an adult. The funny thing is children love smashing tiles just for the fun of it. Size and age has no bounties for this type of media. It opens communications between young and old. Not only for today, but also for tomorrow and the next day and so forth. Meeting new friends and strengthen old ones. I'm part of a team, which makes me happy.

Through the eyes of a video camera lens, I see smiles and the thrill to be involved.
Yet, I have learnt as well. Never film to close to cutting cement board. The video camera does not like cement dust. It can be a costly problem.

Sharing thoughts by Ting Rattigan
(Mother, Duty, Friend of Quadra 2006)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mosaic the City was very proud to have a few of our team come out and help on the mosaics. Every project MtC does, grows our Community Unity into Victoria. For us its very important that at each project part of our team, meets with the project's team and together we "pay it forward." Community Unity starts with you and me, and moves to her and him, to them and us... together WE can make Community Unity happen all over Victoria.

Each picked a place to be remembered - two helped on the wonderful spiral sunshine Shylene had gotten started earlier and then few students helped finish it off.

While others picked bright colored doors and window to make their legacy marks. YA TEAM MOSAIC THE CITY !!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

At the end of the day, more then 45 people came through the annex, new friends have been made, new stories have been told and all boards have started to take shape. The project is really coming together and everyone is feeling very rewarded and excited to be part of such a huge Community Developing project.

fifth board


forth board

third & second boards


looking good!

Next week's workshops will really be exiting as all the journals, panels and plans are starting to really take hold of our hearts. Projects like this change people. They change the face of our buildings, the face of our streetscapes and the face of our neighbours. These project connect us to our history, to our community and to the art that fills our life. Mosaic the City is proud to be working together with so many talented and strong community minded folks. Together creating Community Unity.


Please be sure you add your

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Cementing Quadra's Community 2006 Project Journal
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