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April 27th - Evening Workshop Day 8

Journaling by Shylene and various particpants.

Big day, lots of new faces came out the project.

Another great community building day. "Started with lots of clean up of used tiles pieces. PHEW!" Syndi- Good thing Syndi was able to recruit some help, as it was a large pile of tiles to clean off. She found a style that worked for her, sat down and focused on the task - great effort. She & her team did an amazing job cleaning up all the tiles. Thanks gang!!

Project Outreach was doing its job again today. We had one family that have been part of Quadra for more then 17 years work on the mosaic. They worked on our summer trees, they paid much attention to detail, and now their family has a place on the mosaic that they will be attached to forever.

Margaret spent lots of time working on her intersection. It was a funny time as even though she has been a crossing guard for years, she couldn't remember what the intersection looked like. She even made the stop light with the colors upside down :) FUNNY.

Journal Entries:

"Linus, Oliver and Sarah Scott enjoyed the time - boys enjoyed snacks, can't wait to see it finished. - Will be back for Grouting" Sarah Scott.

"I love to see so many people come together to create something beautiful. I would love to see more projects like this in the future. " Nancy Rutherford

We really started to see panels five and six fill up today. We got to the little details like road lines, brick chimneys and flowers. "…I did glue two flowers on the project." Syndi said in her journaling, so happy to get to do work on the actual mosaic after most of the workshop on the green tiles.

"Wonderful to watch Dr. Fawcett enjoying completing Maurice the Moose, very intense work@!!! I had a lot of fun again. Thanks" Syndi Baker.

Jes had a few of her nearest and dearest come out and share on the creation of the mosaics. Its always very rewarding for the project Team to have their families attend and join in the Community Unity experience.

Just like every other workshop there is lots to do besides mosaic. So, many of the participants worked away to help the project move forward. Its great to give the kids jobs and also have them actually helping the project move forward.

As always all the kids want to smash tiles, crash tiles, smack tiles, break tiles or whack tiles. We had to monitor the hammers carefully making sure all safety rules were being followed. Its too bad we didn't have more need for smashed tiles, as we would "smashers" ready to work anytime :)

I was lucky to have a friend from my past join the project, as it happens her daughter goes to Quadra school now! I love it when this happens. It really feels like I have community unity in my life when my own life intersects these projects.

At the end of this community day we all felt very proud and excited to see all that we have accomplished. We did a great clean up and stepped back to admire our work. The mosaics look totally amazing

Panel three, winter and first annex building.

Panel four with spring life, annex and main school house.


Panel six with summer sky, and depicts the school neighbourhood today.

Thanks to the team and all the individuals who took the time to come out and place their pieces. Many hands, make light work. When we get down and focus the project really comes together.

Panel five with summer sky too, and the addtion part of today's school.

We have planned to be back next week for all day Thursday and Friday in an effort to get all the mosaicking done before Quadra Village Day!!!

The "Walk-Shop" The "Walk-Shop2" Annex - Day 1 The "Final Design Day" The "Building Day 1 and 2 " The "Building Day 3"
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"Quadra Village Day" "Grouting & Finishing" "Sealing" "Mounting"

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