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April 26th Wednesday Building Workshop Day 7

Journaling by Shylene and various particpants.

Today was a busy full day. We had many new faces attend and help on the project. We had many students come through and help again too. Not so many photos were taken today - oops.

We realized today that we are running out of green tiles. So what could we do? Well, we made a few changes to a few panels. The winter panel could use more snow, less green and more white. Easy, so we got to pulling off tiles. Ugly job, as not only will all the tiles need to be cleaned up, all the spaces where the tiles were, also would need to be scrapped and cleaned.

We also decided to change the summer tree, from mostly green to red, which matches the trees that surround the school play ground right now.

We had one family come and stay most of the afternoon. They took special care to fill in the snow area of the winter pane, where we had taken out all the green yesterday. We all joked about when we don't have snow in Victoria, they can always come and enjoy the snow they made for the mosaic.

In true community unity fashion we kept everyone involved with "jobs" and activities. This little one drew her heart out in our journal area. Couldn't make her smile.. but I really tried :)

Journal Entries:
"What Fun. I love this School!!" Joe Moore

"Coming back to Quadra brought back many great memories. I was student here for six years and I principal for eight years. Quadra has been a big part of my life." Meva Sunder.

Mosaic the City recruited a new volunteer today, Denise Duncan. She told us in her journaling: :"What a great idea! Also wonderful community building….. I do similar work but with papier - maché so it was a nice change of medium for me". Denise heard about the project through our info that ran in the Monday Magazine last week. Perfect.

We took time to look at the school building itself to make sure our mosaicked details made sense. Asia and I ran around and checked building colors, intersections lines and basic info of the landscape to help us fill in areas of the fifth and sixth panels, which depict the landscape of the neighbourhood nowadays.

Thanks to the efforts of the project Outreach team we had many past teachers attend this week and help on the mosaicking. " It was great to come back to the good old Quadra School. The mosaic is a wonderful idea and should look fantastic when it's finished. Happy Memories." Trudi Best wrote in her journal.

"Compliments to you all to make a such a nice work of art" Ama Albers (is this the right name?).

A few students came through today and helped on the project. Brandyn, who has been into work a few times, really took to the jobs at hand. He not only helped with cleanup, tile prep and mosaicking, he also took it upon himself to teach younger participants how to glue their pieces. Great Work Brandyn!

"Well, I just love making the mosaic. Cracking pieces of tile, smashing the tile and helping make the tiles into special tiles. I think that the making of the mosaic will help people learn about the history of Quadra School." Brandyn. Div 3

As with all our workshops the mosaic keeps evolving and we all start to get to know one another better. Today while using up the last of the cement, Jes, Sue and I had a great conversation about family life, adoption and life choices. Its a wonderful time when we all start to get one other better. Jes said that she thinks we should start "using up the cement" earlier in the workshop, the three of us were there till almost 5pm... working, tiding and learning about one another. Looking foward to our next workshop.


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