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Mosaic the City Community Unity Society
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Last year's 25th Annual Earth Walk

A celebration of Peace, Earth & Justice.
Together with more than 300 people we have createdf Victoria's First Peace Tile Mural

" Peace Tiles offers an easy to follow, dynamic process to engage children, youth, and community members of all ages in the exploration of global issues through art, while building connections around the world!

Look here to learn more about the International PEACE TILE project. Celebrating Peace, Earth & Justice
On April 21st come to the 26th Annual
Earth Walk!

We are looking for more submissions and partnering organizations to help us create this mural.

Check out this amazing Video about the International side of Peace Tiles

Be the Host for our Next Workshop!!

JOIN US , buy a kit ($20.00 min donation) - start making your PEACE TILE - and add it to the Victoria's 25th Anniversary of Earth Walk Peace Tile Project- Contact MtC

We have created a 25-tile mosaic mural consisting of 9 tiles spelling out "25th" surrounded by 16 tiles from supporting organizations, individuals & families. The 9 inside tiles will be made in traditional mosaic format using recycled materials while the other 16 outside tiles will be collage style using each organization's past materials from Earth Day and/or similar focus. Surplus tiles (over the required 25) that are created will either be swapped with other Peace Tile Murals around the world and/or used to create other Peace Tile Murals in Victoria (TBA depending on the total number of tiles created). The completed Earth Day Commemorative mural will be publicly displayed at the Ferry Tec Wing of Victoria High School in Fernwood for all to share and enjoy.

This is a great opportunity to express your support in the local Grass Roots organizations and demonstrate what we can do when we all come together for a common goal. We are asking individuals, families and organizations to each make a Peace Tile that speaks your message to the world you would like to live in, to the mission and vision of your life.

Contact us and buy a kit ($20.00 min donation) and start making your PEACE TILE then add it to the mural or find how to create your own mural.

Or download your kit here

After collecting all the Peace Tiles we will create a traveling mural(s). After spending this year around Victoria we will all celebrate the finished mural(s) at next year's Earth Day (April 21st) and then display it in Ferry Tec.

"At you can get to know more about the Peace Tiles process, completed and ongoing initiatives, participating community groups and partners, and join Peace Tiles swaps. Schools, community groups, businesses and individuals of all backgrounds are warmly invited to begin your Peace Tile journey today! " from

Special thanks to the groups and individuals who are already contributing and supporting this international project tin Victoria:

City of Victoria

Victoria Art Connects

University of Victoria

Sundance Elementary

Market Square
Victoria International Art Symposium
Dream Space
Earth Day Committee
Victoria High school Tec Department
Women In Black
War Resisters
White Poppies for Peace Project
Street News
Uvic Student Union Society
Lars Hasselblad Torres &

Plus many more … join the fun

MTC as part of Victoria's 25th Earth Day Celebrations

Victoria's 25th Earth Walk in Victoria


The sun was shining, the air was warm and many many people interested in making this world a Peacefull place came together... great :)


TO help with Next Years Earth Week events contact:
Steve Filipovic, Earth Walk Coordinator

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